Australia’s own Chocolate Subscription Box.

The best (bean-to-bar) chocolate delivered to your door every month!

How it Works…

1. Subscribe to Cocoa Box

Monthly chocolate bliss is only a click away… Starting from just $37.50!

2. We Ship your Box of Goodies

First box ships immediately with subsequent boxes shipping from the first Monday of each month. 

3. Your Unboxing Surprise 

Enjoy 3 full-size bars of the best artisan chocolate (made bean-to-bar).

Why Choose Cocoa Box?

Indulge in Australia’s best chocolate delivered to your door monthly. Don’t settle for mass-manufactured low-grade chocolate. Discover new chocolate every month, not available in your local supermarket.

✓ Ethically Sourced Cocoa Beans     ✓ Made from Scratch      ✓ Premium Ingredients        ✓ Vegan & Dairy Free options

Mixed chocolate subscription box Cocoa Box

Whats’s Inside…

If you’re curious about what you can expect to see in a Cocoa Box… Here’s a little sneaky preview at some of our previous months’ boxes… 



A chocolate subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving! Long after that special occasion has passed your special someone gets a delicious monthly surprise!

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