About Cocoa Box


In case you’ve been wondering who the face behind Cocoa Box is… I’d like to officially get in front of the camera and say Hi! … I’m Susan, Founder Of Cocoa Box & all-round Chocolate Addict!

I started Cocoa Box because I found it so hard to find top quality, ethically sourced chocolate.⠀

Even the BIG 4 Chocolate Companies like Mondelez (who owns Cadbury) Mars, Nestle and The Hershey Company struggle to have a fully transparent supply chain due to their size and complexity. Which means, unfortunately, the use of child labour in cocoa production and harvesting. ⠀

I hate thinking my favourite sweet which gives me so much pleasure was the result of child labour.⠀

And these 4 Big Chocolate Companies process 12% of the worlds 3 million tonnes of cocoa each year. These are not small numbers! ⠀

Cocoa Box only features bean-to-bar, ethically sourced chocolate. Why? Because there is a craft chocolate revolution happening… think single-origin, small-batch chocolate (like the huge growth seen in craft coffee & beer a decade ago). ⠀

Craft chocolate makers are popping up everywhere in response to consumers seeking high quality and ethically sourced chocolate treats. 10 years ago there were a handful of craft chocolate makers now there are thousands!

When you buy bean-to-bar chocolate you’re supporting the chocolate makers who source their beans directly from the farmer and transform the raw cocoa beans into a finished chocolate bar under one roof (8+ steps). So you can fully enjoy the beautiful indulgent chocolate bars and feel good, doing good! ⠀ 

Our mission is to support small local businesses and champion the wonderful chocolate makers right here in Australia. There are over 30 Chocolate Makers right here in our own back yard and we handpick the most delicious Australian chocolate bars for you to try each month.⠀

That way you’ll get a surprise and maybe fall in love with a flavour you might not have picked yourself!

Go on treat yourself or someone special.



Susan Stokes About Cocoa Box Australia

“OH MY GOSH – the yummiest selection of chocolate I’ve ever tried.”

Beccy Drake, Fremantle

“Loved ’em, thank you!”

Bob Foley, Perth


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