17 Rocks | 45% Milk


This 45% Milk Chocolate has the classic chocolate flavour you know and love; the perfect treat for the chocolate purist. Once you start it’s hard to stop!

Weight: 80g | Cocoa: 45% | Maker Country: QLD, Australia

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17 Rocks is a family business that makes stone-ground chocolate in their Queensland factory.

They source cacao beans from the volcanic valleys of northern Papua New Guinea and process them using traditional techniques to create unique chocolate flavours. They stone-grind the beans to release the cacao butter and create delightful, smooth, rich and flavoursome chocolate. With a focus on preserving the rich nutritional value of the cacao bean.

“Chocolate that loves you back!” 

Weight: 80g | Cocoa: 45% | Maker Country: QLD, Australia

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