Atypic | Cafe Latte


This “Café Latté” coffee milk chocolate bar from Atypic Chocolate brings you the best of both worlds. Made with premium coffee beans, this coffee/chocolate concoction will make you froth.

Weight: 70g | Cocoa: 30+% | Maker Country: Australia

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Atypic chocolate was born when Founder Charles Lemai travelled to Vietnam in 2016 & connected with some amazing chocolate makers. After meeting with farmers and visiting plantations he knew this was where he wanted to focus his energy. They don’t just create a product, it’s an art based on years of passion and experience to deliver the very finest chocolate. Atypic comes from the French word Atypical which sums them up perfectly.

“Unconventional & always looking for an opportunity to be creative and do things a little differently”.

Weight: 70g | Cocoa: 30+% | Maker Country: Australia

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