Atypic | Long Black


The ultimate chocolate bar for coffee lovers. This long black chocolate bar from Atypic Chocolate is made with premium coffee beans to create the most luxurious and tempting bar. Chocolate in the morning with this speciality coffee bar is just like taking your morning coffee.

Weight: 70g | Cocoa: 30+% | Maker Country: Australia

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Atypic chocolate was born when Founder Charles Lemai travelled to Vietnam in 2016 & connected with some amazing chocolate makers. After meeting with farmers and visiting plantations he knew this was where he wanted to focus his energy. They don’t just create a product, it’s an art based on years of passion and experience to deliver the very finest chocolate. Atypic comes from the French word Atypical which sums them up perfectly.

“Unconventional & always looking for an opportunity to be creative and do things a little differently”.

Weight: 70g | Cocoa: 30+% | Maker Country: Australia

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