Birdsnake | 70% Colombian Dark


This 70% Colombian bar from Birdsnake Chocolate has subtle florals and a blackberry fruitiness/tartness in the finish. Have you tried it yet?

Weight: 65g | Cocoa: 70% | Maker Country: Australia

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Birdsnake chocolate was established late in 2018 by Fred Lullfitz, Bridget Amor and Mark Dundon. For the past 15 years, Bridget & Mark have worked alongside coffee producers, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Fred also started in coffee (10+ years ago) & spent time living in Ecuador and Colombia, where his appreciation for high-quality Cacao began. Based in Fairfield, Melbourne all their chocolate is bean-to-bar. This means they roast cacao seeds, and then process them into chocolate in-house as opposed to sourcing pre-made liquor from overseas. **Read our Interview with Fred**

“We are just a company determined to do the right thing. The end result is the chocolate you’ve got in your hand right now.”

Weight: 65g | Cocoa: 70% | Maker Country: Australia

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