Cailo | Mountain Pepper


This Mountain Pepper bar(no relationship at all to pepper!) from Cailo chocolate adds some subtle heat to the bar. To complement the heat, you taste red berry flavours (you may notice a slight purple tinge that comes from the intense dye contained in the berries).

Weight: 40g | Cocoa: 70% | Maker Country: Australia

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Cailo Chocolate is Perth’s premier bean-to-bar chocolate company, freshly awarded Silver at Perths’ 2019 Royal Food Awards & not forgetting the Gold they won at last years 2018 Australian Food Awards. Their passion for chocolate shines through in their dedication to sourcing only the highest-quality cocoa beans, essential for making high-quality chocolate.

Discovering along the way that making the finest quality chocolate starts in the rainforest. As winemakers say…

“Good wine is made in the vineyard, not the winery”

…well, the same applies to great chocolate.

Weight: 40g | Cocoa: 70% | Maker Country: Australia

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