Cuvée | Amphora 65% Dark


“Rich, diverse, unique”, you will not believe you’re tasting only a 65% chocolate! Made using the rarest cocoa beans in the world, Piura Bianco, a native white cocoa bean from the ancient rainforests of Peru.

Weight: 70g | Cocoa: 65% | Maker Country: Australia

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In 2014, Maître Patissier, Chocolatier and Wine Connoisseur Deniz Karaca and his wife Kylie founded Cuvee Chocolate from their kitchen base, right at the fringe of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Since their humble beginnings, Kylie, Deniz and their team of passionate chocolate makers dedicate themselves every day to make Cuvee Chocolate the Home of Australia’s most exclusive and iconic range of chocolate. Deniz Karaca started his career at 16, as an apprentice at the esteemed Cron & Lanz patisserie in Göttingen, Germany.

“A Difference You Can Taste – Our passion for all things chocolate dictates that we only source the worlds best single origin cocoa beans from across the globe to bring you our small batch handcrafted chocolate tablets.” 

Weight: 70g | Cocoa: 65% | Maker Country: Australia

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