Hunted + Gathered | Peru 70%


This bar features cacao from Peru exhibiting notes of strawberry, prune and sour cherry to make a vibrant 70% dark chocolate.

Weight: 45g | Cocoa: 70% | Maker Country: Australia

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Hunted+Gathered are Melbourne chocolate makers whose singular mission is exploring the depths and flavours of the cacao bean. In their Cremorne headquarters, they make organic chocolate from bean-to-bar. Their philosophy is that the simplest products are best and usually taste the best too.

Their focus is on creating chocolate that is unparalleled in quality and depth of flavour, which is why they source the world’s best beans and use only organic ingredients. Most of their bars have no more than five ingredients; most have just three.

“Chocolate made start to finish from the bean.” 

Weight: 45g | Cocoa: 70% | Maker Country: Australia

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