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The perfect café latte captured in chocolate. So smooth and creamy this white chocolate coffee flavoured bar from Jasper & Myrtle ticks all the boxes. You’ll wonder how you survived without it! This is also a bar of award-winning chocolate winning Silver at the 2017 Academy of Chocolate (London) and Bronze at the 2017 International Chocolate Awards (Asia-Pacific).

Weight: 70g | Cocoa: 32% | Maker Country: Australia

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Jasper + Myrtle takes carefully sourced cocoa beans and roasts them to perfection, blending with exquisite flavours to create delicious and distinctive bars, lovingly handmade in Canberra, Australia. Like fine wine, each batch is different. They match the best natural ingredients with the most suitable beans to produce truly unique chocolate. Without using artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

They ethically source ingredients including cocoa beans, ensuring sustainability and traceability of our products.

“Chocolate is endless in terms of possibilities.” 

Weight: 70g | Cocoa: 32% | Maker Country: Australia

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