Metiisto | Hazelnut Gianduja


✨ LIMITED EDITION ✨  What do you get when you take Australia’s best hazelnuts from Tasmania & grind it down with Metiisto chocolate?  You get Gianduja, a delicious blend of fresh roasted hazelnuts & Tenaru cocoa. 

Weight: 75g | Cocoa: 60% | Maker Country: Australia

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Metiisto Artisan Chocolate started life back in 2012 in Falun, a small town deep in the forests of Sweden. With the goal of making delicious and elegant chocolate from the cocoa bean all the way to the finished bar, using only the finest, ethically sourced ingredients.

Now located in Australia, they source cocoa from neighbouring countries, like the Solomon Islands, that are making huge efforts to produce a higher grade of cocoa. In 2016, they won five international and four Academy of Chocolate Awards. And their Mocha milk bar won “Best in Class for Chocolate” medal at the 2019 RASV Australian Food Awards.

“We are dedicated to the future of chocolate, a future for cocoa farmers and a never-ending commitment to making the finest chocolate we can.” 

Weight: 75g | Cocoa: 60% | Maker Country: Australia

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