Ocho | 48% Milk Chocolate


We’re so excited to stock Ocho Chocolate, who use beans from PNG in this bar to bring a bright fruity character to this creamy moreish 48% milk chocolate.

Weight: 95g | Cocoa: 48% | Maker Country: New Zealand

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OCHO founder Liz Rowe started making chocolate in 2013. She loved chocolate but was curious about where it came from. From kitchen-bench experiments, she grew a successful boutique business.

Fast forward five years & OCHO was sold to more than 3,000 small investors on the back of the announcement of the closure of the Dunedin Cadbury Factory. It was the most successful equity crowdfunding campaign in New Zealand, raising the maximum $2 million in less than two days. A broad base of community ownership, fair pay for our bean suppliers, & fair working conditions were table stakes in forming the new OCHO.

“We believe that chocolate is something you can and should feel good about. Craft chocolate is delicious, healthy and sustainable. Good for the growers, makers, and eaters alike.”

Weight: 95g | Cocoa: 48% | Maker Country: New Zealand

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