Shirl + Moss | Toasted Milk 50%


This creamy milk chocolate from Shirl + Moss has lingering notes of toasted caramel. Roasting 100% New Zealand whole milk powder just enough to capture the perfect amount of caramelised flavour. This bar won bronze at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2022.

Weight: 80g | Cocoa: 50% | Maker Country: New Zealand

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Shirl + Moss is named after founders Simon and Aimees’ wonderful grandparents: Shirley and Maurice. Two people who embody the caring values they run their business by. With a passion for sustainable foods, growing up on a remote farm in the Marlborough Sounds gave them an invaluable understanding of the link between land, people, and produce.

They choose sustainable packaging, use minimal processing and only use the finest raw ingredients. They craft all of their chocolate from bean to bar, making choices at every step of the way to ensure the best tasting chocolate.

“ We are really proud to contribute to the sustainable chocolate movement. Thank you for supporting our journey.”  – Simon – Founder & Chocolate Maker

Weight: 80g | Cocoa: 50% | Maker Country: New Zealand

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