The Smooth Chocolator | Piura Blanco 67%


This is bright fruity chocolate made from white beans of Piura region of Peru. Due to the large percentage of white beans, chocolate has a light colour, and the vibrant flavours are like fruity wine.

Weight: 60g | Cocoa: 67% | Maker Country: Australia |
Tasting Note: Passionfruit, Raspberry

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The Smooth Chocolator is a multi-award-winning small batch bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Geelong, Australia. Cocoa beans from different regions (and genetics) have their own distinctive flavours and their mission is to bring out the natural characters, hence, no flavouring such as vanilla is added to their single-origin chocolate. What you taste comes purely from the cocoa beans themselves and they merely help to enhance their flavour.

They use only ethically sourced and transparently traded cocoa beans. Once they receive the cocoa beans, they carefully roast, crack, winnow, conch, and finally temper. The process is time-consuming, but it is rewarding when you finally taste the chocolate.

“Grab a piece for yourself and taste the individuality of cocoa beans that we have to offer. We love it and we hope you do as well!” – Yoon Kim, The Smooth Chocolator

Weight: 60g | Cocoa: 67% | Maker Country: Australia

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