**We pack all chocolate boxes with the utmost care to make sure it arrives as fast as possible & in the best condition**

We use Australia Post for all our online deliveries, which means we can ship to street addresses and PO Boxes. Due to COVID, some delays may occur (especially in rural areas) —we appreciate your patience! Please refer to Australia Post delivery timeframe guidelines here.

What if there is hot weather?

Craft chocolate doesn’t have the waxy additive commercial chocolate has to keep it solid in hot weather (that’s one of the reasons it’s so smooth and delicious). This means shipping fresh chocolate in the warmer months requires a little more attention than in the cooler months.

Here is what we do to ensure your choccies arrive safe and sound during the heat:

  • Your chocolate well insulated to keep it in great shape in most conditions.
  • During periods of extreme heat, we will hold off on sending your order out.
  • Please note that once your chocolate arrives we cannot control how it is stored, so make sure you take care of it so it doesn’t melt!

Here is what you can do:

We recommend that you have your order delivered where someone can accept it e.g. if you won’t be home, sent it to your work address. If you’ve selected home delivery option and nobody is home, it will be left in a secure place or redirected to your local post office.

Please make sure you don’t leave your chocolate somewhere warm (e.g. in the car for extended periods of time after it’s delivered).

More Questions? Read our FAQ OR Read our Blog on Storing Chocolate in Hot Weather.

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