The perfect gift for friends or family this Christmas

Gift shopping can be hard. Really hard. You try your best to find something unique and thoughtful (that they won’t return).

But you always end up resorting to the trusty fallbacks like socks, candles, bottle of spirits or end up buying them something you would secretly love but they won’t appreciate. Sigh.


The whole process leaves you thoroughly unsatisfied like you could have done better, if only you had more time or paid more attention when they spoke about their favourite things.


 People have been saying “welcome”, “thank you”, “happy holidays”, “thinking of you” or even “I’m sorry” with chocolates for 1,000s of years…

So with that in mind, we have the perfect solution, for your Christmas gifting dilemma… Chocolate. Who doesn’t love a chocolate treat?

And with Cocoa Box it’s not any old chocolate either, it’s handcrafted, bean-to-bar chocolate that’s 100% delicious.

The craft chocolate revolution that’s’ spread like wildfire across America (is catching fire) has reached Australia.


Craft makers use the highest-quality cocoa beans…so when you pay more for a craft chocolate bar, you’re paying for quality, regardless of the percentage.
– Megan Giller

There are hundreds of wonderfully passionate Aussies putting their heart and soul into creating delicious chocolate that been ethically sourced, with most choosing to deal directly with the farmer, thereby ensuring a fair wage.

So feel good doing good this Christmas and treat your family or friends in the process!

Mixed chocolate subscription box Cocoa Box

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