5 Coffee Flavoured Chocolate Bars You Need to Try

Love coffee? Love chocolate? Then this is the perfect article for you. We have a round-up of the most delicious coffee flavoured chocolate bars you need to try.

Coffee lovers have the Mocha, but about the chocolate lover? Enter coffee flavoured chocolate bars. Each of the bars featured below uses different cocoa beans and coffee beans in their ingredients, meaning they each have wonderfully different flavour profiles.

So depending on whether you’re craving creamy coffee dreaminess or a stronger coffee hit there’s a bar for you.

And all these bars are made right here in Australia by some seriously talented bean-to-bar chocolate makers. 

5 Coffee Flavoured Chocolate Bars


1. Long Black | Atypic (70g)

The ultimate chocolate bar for coffee lovers. This long black chocolate bar from Atypic Chocolate is made with premium coffee beans to create the most luxurious and tempting bar. It satisfies strong coffee and dark chocolate lovers alike. Chocolate in the morning with this speciality coffee bar is just like taking your morning coffee.

2. Mocha Milk | Metiisto (75g)

This delicious 60% milk chocolate coffee flavoured bar from Metiisto is made with Tenaru cocoa, fresh Australia milk powder and coffee. 100% made from scratch in-house in their Toowoomba chocolate factory. Be quick they sell out fast.

3. Coffee & Cardamom | Alouss (45g)

This fragrant milk chocolate coffee & cardamom flavoured bar from Alouss Chocolate will take you on an aromatic journey and leave you feeling uplifted and energised. From the moment you open the beautiful gold wrapper and get the most wonderful smell to when you let the chocolate melt on your tongue you’re in heaven.

4. Caffe Bianco | Jasper & Myrtle (70g)

The perfect café latte captured in chocolate. So smooth and creamy this white chocolate coffee bar from Jasper & Myrtle ticks all the boxes. You’ll wonder how you survived without it! This award-winning chocolate won Silver at the 2017 Academy of Chocolate (London) and Bronze at the 2017 International Chocolate Awards (Asia-Pacific).

5. Koko Moka | Living Koko (100g)

Organic dark chocolate made of the richest cacao beans from the tropical paradise of Samoa and handpicked and roasted coffee from the Kingdom of Tonga. 70% pure dark chocolate with crushed organic tupu’anga coffee. The rich flavours enrich your senses, leaves you energised, satisfied and dreaming of island life.

That’s a wrap for coffee flavoured chocolate bars

There you have it our 5 favourite (and delicious) coffee flavoured chocolate bars for you to indulge in and maybe get a caffeine buzz from too(depending on the bar you choose).

Let us know which one you’d try first or which one is your favourite in the comments below.

Photo by Natanja Grün on Unsplash

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