5 Rum, Gin & Beer Flavoured Chocolates you Must Taste to Believe!

Who said dark chocolate had to be boring? We’ve discovered Australian chocolate makers pushing the flavour boundaries to bring us new and exciting flavoured chocolate bars. And not just any old flavours too…rum, gin & beer flavoured chocolates too, yummy!

So without further ado check out these 5 rum, gin & beer flavoured chocolate bars: 


Spiced Rum Dark Chocolate

1. Spiced Rum Dark Chocolate | Jasper + Myrtle 

This “Spiced Rum Dark Chocolate” is a bar of sophisticated chocolate, flavoured with fruit and spices soaked in Australian Bundaberg rum that lingers on your palate. It also ages beautifully. This is not your usual rum and raisin chocolate, with silkiness and subtlety its characteristics.

Jasper and Myrtle Chocolates is a small chocolate maker based in Canberra, Australia. Created by Li Peng Monroe, the name was chosen because of its Australian origins. 

Four Pillars Gin Dark Chocolate

2. Four Pillars Gin Dark Chocolate 70% | Hunted + Gathered

Enjoy bitter-sweet chocolate flavours, followed by notes of juniper, subtle cardamom, cassia, and warm orange citrus. This aromatic chocolate bar truly tastes like chocolate and gin. Fresh from the stills, these elements travel directly from the Four Pillars Distillery in Healesville to the Hunted+Gathered chocolate factory in Cremorne.

Four Pillars Gin x Hunted+Gathered have brought together their unique crafts and passion for nose-to-tail practices, creating a 70% Organic Dark Chocolate containing spent gin botanicals and gin-steamed oranges from Rare Dry Gin distillation. 

Beer bar ratio cocoa roasters

3. The Beer Bar Dark Chocolate 63% | Ratio Cocoa Roasters

Ratio Cocoa brings us “The Beer Bar”, featuring crunchy ale malt, roasted barley & rolled oats paired with their signature house blend dark chocolate. This bar was created to celebrate their chocolate beer collaborations with CoConspirators Brewing Co. “The Apprentice: Chocolate Milk Stout” and “The Pastry Chef: Salted Caramel Slice Stout”.

As the name Ratio indicates it reflects their commitment to traditional chocolate making and finding that perfect balance. And their vegan certified dark chocolate is handmade, balancing a ratio of just two ingredients: ethically sourced cacao beans from around the world and raw organic Australian cane sugar.

Gin Dark Chocolate Cravve

4. Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate 70% | Cravve 

For that true G&T flavour Cravve feature their single-origin Solomon Island chocolate infused with gin & botanicals. The only ingredients cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, Queensland cane sugar, gin and botanicals. Making this vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Cravve are proud to say they cultivate chocolate for chocolate lovers
And their handcrafted chocolate is made in-house from cacao beans sourced from small lot cacao farmers across the Pacific Islands. With only the best natural ingredients from Australian fruit & nut farmers.

Rum Rasin Dark Chocolate Charleys

5. Rum & Raisin Dark Chocolate 70% | Charleys Chocolate

Rum and Raisin chocolate has been a long time favourite and with good reason. It’s a great taste! A generous amount of Queensland (Bundaberg) rum and Victorian sun-dried raisins are added to their Karkar Island 70% dark chocolate to produce Rum and Raisin chocolate like you’ve never tasted before.

To make this bar Charleys Chocolate takes whole premium Australian sun-dried raisins from the Mildura region in Victoria and infuse them with Queensland (Bundaberg) rum for a little over a week. They are then lightly dried to preserve the fine flavour. This one is a must taste!

So there you have it 5 rum, gin & beer flavoured chocolate bars you must taste to believe! What bar would you try first? Tell us in the comments below.

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