6 Chocolate & Wine Pairings for Your Next Dinner Party

Embrace the finer things in life by creating a memorable evening with good food, drink, friends and conversation. So gather up your friends and family for a fun evening pairing delicious Australian Artisan chocolate with fine wines from around the world.

Create that cellar door tasting experience in your own home and impress everyone with your knowledge of artisan chocolate(with our help). There are no rules to the type of tasting you host –  just make sure it’s lots of fun!

Six chocolate and wine pairings from the first Cocoa Box & My Wine Affair tasting event.

What you’ll need:

To host a successful chocolate and wine tasting party, you’ll need the chocolate & wine(obviously), but you’ll also need: 

  • Wine glasses: for white and red wine depending on the wine being tasted
  • Water: still or sparkling water to cleanse the palate between pairings
  • Spittoons: just in case some guests don’t want to drink the wine 😉
  • Snacks: also to cleanse the palate e.g. water crackers, pieces of bread, olives and cheeses
  • Friends: from two to ten friends, it’s up to you!

Without further ado here’s our top 6 chocolate and wine pairings from dark to white:


1. Pairing Number One

Bahen & Co
Vietnam Dark (75%) 

“Flavours unique to the Mekong Delta, look for cinnamon, liquorice, balsamic & espresso.”

Paired with:

2018 Vignobles Les Chirats Syrah Viognier

Varietal: Shiraz Blend | Region: Rhone Valley, France | Alcohol 14% Vol

“Voted Top 5 Producers by Decanter Magazine in 2018. A nose of granitic earth, smoke, garrigue herbs and blueberries. Intense palate of smoked, grilled, cured meats, ripe blueberry & plenty of green.”

2. Pairing Number Two

Spencer Cocoa
Dark (72%)

“Flavours of tropical fruits, tobacco, toffee, caramel & malt.”

Paired with:

2014 W&J Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port
Varietal: Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca | Region: Douro, Portugal | Alcohol 20% Vol

“Impressive, concentrated fruit flavours, cassis, spicy complexity and depth balanced by excellent balance and structure. The finish is long and velvety.”

3. Pairing Number Three

Goddess Dark (70%)

“Intense & full of flavour with both deep cocoa & dark fruit top notes.”

Paired with:

2018 Kay Brothers Basket Pressed Grenache
Varietal: Grenache | Region: McLaren, SA | Alcohol 14.5% Vol

“Layers of brambly fruit on the nose. Copious amounts of plush redcurrants and raspberry on the palate with a silken mouthfeel due to elegant tannin & bright acidity.”

4. Pairing Number Four

Cailo Chocolate
Mountain Pepper Dark (70%)

“The native Mountain Pepper (no relationship to pepper!) adds subtle red berry flavours.”

Paired with:

Stanton & Killeen Topaque
Varietal: Topaque | Region: Rutherglen, Victoria | Alcohol 18% Vol

“Made from Muscadelle grapes, this wine has spent an average of 12 years in oak barrels, giving it complex flavours of honey & malt which combine to deliver a full-flavoured wine with a sweet but clean finish.”

5. Pairing Number Five

Coffee Cardamom Milk (37%)

“A fragrant bar will take you on an aromatic journey leaving you uplifted & energised.”

Paired with:

2018 Luccarelli Primitivo Puglia 
Varietal: Primitivo (Zinfandel) | Region: Puglia, Italy | Alcohol 14% Vol

“Intense notes of prunes and cherry combined with rosemary and vanilla. A full-flavoured wine, soft and balanced, and eminently drinkable.”

6. Pairing Number Six

Spencer Cocoa
White (33%)

“Creamy, smooth & decadent real white chocolate.”

Paired with:

2019 Spring Seed Sweet Pea Moscato
Varietal: Muscat | Region: McLaren Vale, SA | Alcohol 7% Vol

“This Moscato has a gorgeous nose of Turkish Delight, a hint of cinnamon, floral characters and a little bubble gum. It’s slightly bubbly. Try it for breakfast, I dare you.”

NOTE: You won’t find these chocolate & wines at your local supermarket or bottle-o, so you’ll need to order them in advance. But we’ve made it as easy as possible for you(on the chocolate front) Hint it’s all available on our site!

Happy tasting & if you run your event please send us photos. 

So there you have it 6 wonderful chocolate and wine pairings ready for you to taste with friends.

Pairing #2 was the fan favourite from our own Wine & Chocolate event, co-hosted with My Wine Affair, in Sydney, Australia. 

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