6 Must-See Australian Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory (& Farm) Tours

With international travel plans on hiatus due to COVID-19, why not take the time to explore Australia? Did you know Australia is home to over 30 bean-to-bar chocolate makers? Some have cafes, some have factory tours and 2 very special ones have farm tours.

Perfect for chocolate lovers who are curious about where chocolate comes from & how bean-to-bar chocolate is made. So we’ve hand-picked for you 6 of the best bean-to-bar chocolate factory tours you absolutely must-see!

Charleys Chocolate Tours Qld

Charley’s Chocolate | Mission Beach, QLD
Duration: Approx 3hr

Take a tour of Australia’s only Cocoa Tree to Chocolate Bar Experience. If you love Chocolate this is a “must-see”. Their tours run Thursdays & Sundays from 10.30am. Make sure you book ahead to avoid disappointment. 


This is tour is authentic (deliberately NOT a theme park) you’ll find all about how one of our favourite foods comes into being. This is a fun “hands-on” tour and hugely informative highlights include: Visit the tree nursery and a mature cocoa tree plantation, See a cocoa pod being opened and taste cocoa nibs & taking part in some of the steps of making actual chocolate.


Daintree Chocolate Sweet Farm Tour Qld

Daintree Estate | Daintree, QLD
Duration: Approx 1hr 30min

Ten years ago, Daintree Estates was little more than a wild idea to do something never done in Australia… to grow cocoa in Far North Queensland. And then use that locally grown cocoa to create the finest quality chocolate, in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. 

Daintree Estates is one of a small handful of Plantation to Plate cocoa producers, meaning they have total control over every stage of processing, and it shows in the final taste of the chocolate. Today you can see one of the Daintree Estates cocoa plantations, run by Sweet Farm Tours (a proud pioneer of cocoa growing in Australia). Tours run Tue-Fri at 2pm and Sat at 10.30am. Bookings are essential due to limited spaces.

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South Pacific Cacao | Sydney, NSW
Duration: Approx 1hr


South Pacific Cacao ethically source high-quality food products from the South Pacific, craft them into artisan goods to supply into Australian premium markets. The Directors of South Pacific Cacao are Jessica(owner of Chocolate Artisan) and Brian and they want to set the bar for ethical supply chain Partnerships. Sourcing premium, sundried cacao beans from the Solomon Islands, which are crafted into artisan cacao and chocolate products for the Australian market.


At South Pacific located in Haberfield, Sydney you can choose from factory tours, chocolate making classes and workshops. Highlights include being taken through the basics of they make their bean-to-bar chocolate, tasting a selection of dark, milk and white chocolate as well as nibs and beans.

Federation Chocolate Tours

Federation Chocolate | Hobart, TAS
Duration: Approx 1hr

The team at Federation Artisan Chocolate are committed to ensuring their chocolate uses ingredients that have been grown and made in a sustainable and ethical manner. Carefully following the supply chain of each ingredient, getting to know where each type of cacao bean is grown, the practices are sustainable, ethical and are fair employers.

They are one of a dozen chocolate makers in the world that use Australian grown cacao beans and the sole chocolate maker in Tasmania. When you take a tour of their artisan factory in Hobart you’ll see how their bean-to-bar chocolate is made. Taking you through the full process of making chocolate from the Cacao Bean all the way to its transformation into delicious chocolate bars.

Ratio Chocolate Factory Tours

Ratio Cocoa Roasters | Melbourne, VIC
Duration: Approx 3hrs

Ratio uses traditional chocolate-making techniques and sources the world’s best single-origin cacao beans. All to bring you individually flavoured, small-batch, handcrafted chocolate. On a Ration tour, you’ll go behind the scenes tasting your way through a ten-step artisan bean-to-bar chocolate-making process.

On-site at their headquarters in Melbourne you’ll experience chocolate making from bean-to-bar and get to design your own inclusion chocolate bars from a selection of over 25 sweet or savoury toppings. Tours limited to 10 people so book to avoid disappointment.

Haigh Free Chocolate Factory Tours

Haighs Chocolates | Adelaide, SA
Duration: Approx 1hr

Haigh’s Chocolates is Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker, operated by the Haigh family since 1915. They pride themselves on being chocolate specialists committed to the art of premium chocolate making.

They source the very best cocoa beans from around the world. At their factory, they put them through a number of processes, turning them from cocoa beans into delicious liquid chocolate used to make over 250 varieties of different chocolates to choose from.

Tours are free and operate Monday and Saturday between 9am and 2.30pm and are unavailable on Sundays or public holidays.

There you have it 6 of the best bean-to-bar chocolate factory (& farm) tours to discover around Australia. Let us know in the comments which one you’d love to visit first or if you’ve visited any already.

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