7 Unusual Artisan Chocolate Bars You Need to Try

Tired of eating the same types of flavoured chocolate all the time, like peanut butter, coconut or mint? 

Well, these artisan chocolate makers have been busy in their kitchens testing new and unusual flavour combinations(or inclusions) that are just delicious. Don’t believe us? You’ll just have to try them for yourself… if you’ve got the guts and tastebuds.


1. Avocado & Rosemary (85g)

Tasting notes: Woody herbs, sweet caramel, spicy pepper and buttery avocado.

This 61% dark chocolate bar is made with Trinitario cocoa beans sourced directly from farmers in Mababu, Tanzania. It’s blended with real Haas Avocado pulp powder, organic rosemary, and a touch of organic black pepper. Savoury and sweet, this bar makes a great snack and pairs well with salty crackers or hard cheese.

2. Ancho Chilli & Muesli (70g)

Tasting notes: A smooth dark chocolate with wonderful texture and warmth.

Their signature dark 63% blend chocolate is a mix of organic cocoa from Panama and the Solomon Islands. Combining ancho chilli & house muesli, it has some warmth with a bit of crunch. Made in Australia from local & imported ingredients.

3. Macadamia & Lemon Myrtle (70g)

Tasting notes: Silky and fragrant chocolate bar – a true sensory delight!

This milk chocolate bar is a true Australian treat, combining the Queensland nut and native lemon myrtle to produce a bar of subtle, silky and fragrant chocolate. It’s truly an indulgent combination of classic Australian flavours. This bar won bronze at the 2016 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards.

4. Bananas Foster (50g)

Tasting notes: Brimming with buttery, ripe banana notes, and rousing fruity cocoa flavour, one bite of this will send you dancing in the street. 

This bar is an ode to the iconic New Orleans “Banana Foster” dessert, this fruity, bright chocolate is crafted with a little rum and rhythm. With rum steamed single-origin Peruvian cacao, caramelized sugar, bananas, and a bit of pure vanilla bean. Yummy!

5. Coffee & Cardamom (45g)

Tasting notes: This fragrant bar will take you on an aromatic journey and leave you feeling uplifted and energised.

This Chocolate bar was inspired by the chocolate maker’s parents. On Saturday mornings they would sit together sipping Turkish coffee perfumed with freshly ground cardamom and reminisce over precious childhood memories.

6. Cherry + Almond (45g)

Tasting notes: Dark rich chocolate matched beautifully with almonds & chewy cherries. 

This bar is made using 70% Dominican Republic chocolate from Zorzal cacao. It combines Victorian biodynamic slow roasted almonds and chewy organic dried cherry from Tasmania. 

The almonds sourced for this bar are grown near Mildura along the river banks of the Murray River in Victoria, Australia.

7. White chocolate & Freeze-dried Raspberry (80g)

Tasting notes: Smooth creaminess balanced by a tart berry flavour.

This 29% white chocolate bar with freeze-dried raspberry is a delight to the tastebuds, the right balance of smooth creaminess and tart berry flavour – a must-try! Proudly made bean-to-bar in Melbourne and it’s organic, gluten-free and fair trade.

And that’s a wrap

There you have it 7 unusual artisan chocolate bars you need to try. Do any of these chocolate treats sound a little too strange to you? Or are they just exciting new flavours to try? 

Are you prepared to take your taste buds on a journey of discovery? Which one of these unusual chocolate bars would you try first?

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