International Chocolate Awards 2020: Australian Winners

We have the results for the International Chocolate Awards 2020, Asia-Pacific, for Bean-to-Bar and Chocolatier entrants and we’ve done a round-up of the Aussie competition winners. 

The 2 categories Australian chocolate makers won in 2020 year were the same categories as 2019 White chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces & Plain/origin dark chocolate bars


** Bean-to-bar chocolatier products – the recognise the growing trend of flavoured bars and filled chocolate made by chocolate makers, winning products made with an entrant’s own chocolate are marked with (**)

International Chocolate Awards 2020 | Australia


International Chocolate Awards

White chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces


Silver: Monsieur Truffe (Australia) – 28% White Chocolate with Native Peach (**)

+ Special: Local ingredients


Chocolate award winners 2020

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars


Gold: Jasper and Myrtle (Australia) – Bougainville PNG 66% Dark Chocolate

+ Gold: Chocolate Maker


Chocolate award winners 2020 Jasper & Myrtle

In Summary 


So we hope you found our round-up of the International Chocolate Awards 2020 interesting. And if you have a chocolate craving why not buying from one of these amazing award-winning craft chocolate makers is good for you, the farmer and better for the environment.

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