Chocolate For Breakfast: 7 Different Ways to Enjoy the Food of the Gods First Thing in the Morning

How about starting the morning with a chocolatey flavour in your mouth?

Most of the times, chocolate seems to be relegated to solitary moments of indulgence. Almost like a special occasion or a reward, we tend to think of chocolate as an “out of the ordinary” treat. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We can include the most unique flavour in the world in our daily routines with healthy, sustainable and guilt-free hacks.

Keep in mind that chocolate is a complete food that includes proteins, fats and carbs, together with many nutrients like iron, magnesium, zinc and more, not to mention all the beneficial antioxidants. What better way to start the morning?

Chocolate 7 ways for breakfast

The ideas below fit low-sugar lifestyles, vegan meals and most dietary preferences. No baking, following recipes or messing around in the kitchen involved, especially first thing in the morning while we are still yawning.

These are 7 extremely simple and fast ways to add a chocolate delight to your breakfast (that you might have never considered!):

hot chocolate for breakfast

1) Replace coffee with hot chocolate

If the caffeine in coffee makes you frenetic and anxious and you don’t like that feeling, try hot chocolate. Thanks to its theobromine content, it will give you long-lasting energy and alertness without the downsides of coffee. After all, Maya and Aztecs used to hike for an entire day with just a cup of hot cocoa in their system. Like you would do with coffee, you can make your hot chocolate with milk, plant-based milk or simply water, and the amount of sugar is totally up to you. Have no intention of giving up coffee? Let a piece of dark chocolate melt in your coffee mug for the perfect instant mocha.


2) Add cocoa nibs to your favourite bowl

Cocoa nibs are roasted and crushed pieces of cocoa beans. The great thing about them is that they offer a chocolatey flavour and a crunchy texture without added sugar (for those who care about their sugar intake). Try adding cocoa nibs to your oatmeal, bowl of cereals or granola for a crunchy and guilt-free chocolate twist.

chocolate tasing for breakfast

3) Enjoy a chocolate tasting

Why not taking advantage of a super clean palate first thing in the morning to have a proper savouring experience? Pick a day when you are not in a rush (perhaps a Sunday morning?) and take out some chocolate bars from your hidden stash. Grab pen and paper, and have fun focusing on every bite and writing your impressions. Early morning is the best time of the day to enjoy the most authentic tasting notes in your chocolate (since you haven’t had any other flavours in your mouth yet). Isn’t this a great way to start the day?

cocoa tea for breakfast

4) Make some cocoa tea

If you crave a chocolatey flavour but want to keep your breakfast light, cocoa teas are the way to go. Many bean-to-bar chocolate brands now sell convenient bags containing cocoa husks (the outer shells of the cocoa beans) or even cocoa nibs to be brewed as you would do with tea leaves or coffee powder.

Only cacao and water are involved: these are like regular teas, but with a light flavour of chocolate. If you’d like to stick to your green or black tea instead, you could go for a tea and chocolate pairing. Let a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth for a few seconds and then take a sip of the tea to combine all the flavours together and get the best of both worlds.

chocolate with fruit and nut for breakfast

5) Pair chocolate with your favourite fruits & nuts

Some flavours have always paired well with chocolate, and will never go out of style. Among these, there are all kinds of fruits and nuts. For a nutritious and healthy, yet satisfying and filling breakfast, choose some fruit, grab some nuts and add a couple of chocolate squares. My favourite trio? Banana, peanuts and 70% dark chocolate. If you want a breakfast that it’s even faster, a lot of high-quality chocolate brands now sell chocolate-covered fruits and/or nuts (often called ‘barks’) in convenient bags ready on the go.

chocolate smoothie for breakfast

6) Add cocoa powder to your smoothie

Do you know that cacao is great to “cover-up” other flavours? Let’s say you like to make smoothies packed with greens like spinach and kale, but don’t really enjoy the resulting taste. Just add a tablespoon of cocoa powder, and witness the magic unfold! The cocoa powder will give a chocolatey flavour to the entire mix, and it will be so powerful that you won’t even realise that your greens are in there too.

chocolate spread on rye bread for breakfast

7) Use an artisanal chocolate spread instead of jam or peanut butter

Do you know that peanut butter has more fats than some artisan chocolate spreads on the market? And that fruit jams can have more sugars than artisan chocolate spreads? Don’t relegate chocolate spreads only to spare moments of indulgence. Choose high-quality chocolate spreads where all the ingredients are recognisable and kept to a minimum. All that is needed for a mouth-watering chocolate spread is just cacao and sugar. All the rest (oils, emulsifiers, hazelnuts, salt, vanilla) are optional. This way you can still enjoy chocolate in its most delicious form every morning.

If you are a chocolate lover, there is no need to restrict yourself. You can enjoy a balanced day where you get the flavour of chocolate in many different ways, from light cocoa teas to dark chocolate, all the way to rich chocolate spreads. The content of fats and sugars is totally up to you. And enjoying chocolate first thing in the morning is definitely the best way to start the day!

What’s your favourite way to include cocoa or chocolate in your breakfast?

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