Iced Chocolate Drink Recipe

Hot chocolate is the go-to drink to keep us warm in a bitingly cold winter, but why give up on chocolate when it’s super hot outside?! Thankfully, not anymore you don’t!

Here’s a super easy, refreshing and delicious iced chocolate drink! The trickiest part is heating the milk so that’s saying something about the simplicity of this recipe! (feel free to substitute with any type of milk; soy, rice, coconut), and then simply pour on melted chocolate, chill, and you’re ready to go!

This iced chocolate drink, is decadent yet, refreshing, with an intense chocolate taste and is absolutely dangerously addictive!

After trying it once, you’ll want to make it again and again to enjoy its delicious, creamy taste!

Double Chocolate Icecream

Serves: 4 | Prep Time: 3 hours | Cook Time: 5 minutes | Ingredients: 6 | Difficulty: Easy

Iced Chocolate Drink Ingredients :

  • 500ml whole milk

  • 2 tablespoons coconut sugar (or light brown sugar)

  • Pinch of salt

  • 80g Dark chocolate (bean-to-bar for an even better taste)

  • 2 cups of ice


  • Whipped cream

  • Shaved dark chocolate



  • In a small saucepan, over medium heat, bring the milk, sugar and salt to a simmer. Whisk until sugar is dissolved.

Iced chocolate drink ingredients
  • Remove from heat.

chopped dark chocolate

  • Chop the dark chocolate, pour into a medium bowl and melt in the microwave. You can also use a double boiler method if you prefer


Melted chocolate

  • Pour the milk over the melted chocolate and whisk until combined, and place in freezer for about 20 minutes or in the fridge for 1 hour, until completely cool.


Pour milk over melted chocolate


  • Blend with ice (this will almost double the volume of your chocolate mixture) and serve with chocolate whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate.

Whisk melted chocolate with ice


  • The ice cream is ready when it thickens into the texture of soft-serve ice cream and holds its shape, typically 20 to 30 minutes.



Ready to drink ice chocolate drink

There you have it delicious Iced Chocolate Drink Recipe to enjoy this summer!

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